Spend time with Children

Plants Offer a Warm Welcome

Artful Arrangements – Rooted in Sonoma County Agriculture!

Artful Arrangements was established in 2007 with a membership in Sonoma County Farm Trails.

The plants used in the living gift arrangements are propagated on site, many of which have

medicinal properties. Also a member of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, Artful Arrangements is located at
205 Orchard Lane, Penngrove, CA 94951. It is the site of a solar-powered 1915 working homestead - a "slice of authentic country life" in beautiful Sonoma County.

Artful Arrangements has one area of focus:  Reminding people to spend time with children, and helping children and families and aligned nonprofits through gifting and affordable child-centered programs.

Artful Arrangements is a nonprofit corporation (a 501(c)(3) public charity) and we have six areas of operation:

     1) Plants, 2) Activities and Creativity Retreats,

     3) Homestead Tour & Planting Experience, 4) School Field Trip and School Fundraising,  

     5) Homestead Gardens and Homestead Amphitheater, and 6) Annual Sonoma County events.

The organization is funded through the sales of its affordable products and services, as well as any donations, which are gratfully accepted. Volunteer opportunities are always available!


Health, Happiness, Healing, Harmony, and Hope:  “5-H Heart Art”

The Giftshop/Gallery is open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm, and parents who bring children can help them Plant-a-Plant for free. Gift Delivery (like a florist, but not cut flowers) is available anywhere in Sonoma County. Simply call 707-664-8656, and you will be helped to select a gift for your loved one. The Core Wishes of Artful Arrangements are Health, Happiness, Healing, Harmony and Hope, and each product has a complimentary card expressing those desires.

A Nonprofit Supporting Children, Families, and Aligned Nonprofits

Raising children today is not easy. We are confronted with their distraction by electronic devices at a much younger age than drugs did in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Children remember the time you spend with them, and a visit to Artful Arrangements allows you to create a memorable experience for your child.

To get a feel for the passion and driving force behind the organization, click on “About, The Difference,”  where you’ll find info on the mission, message, philosophy, motto, slogan, saying and the core wishes.  Your interest in and support of Artful Arrangements is appreciated, and we hope to hear from you soon.